Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dominatrix 2013

The end of 2013 was very busy for me. So I'm very late with my Dominatrix review.

I was very excited to go there, since it has been almost 10 years since my last visit to the Netherlands. So I was very happy, that Reinier invited me to this event. :) This was my second fetish fashion show ever and it was a blast. Luckily I was walking for Lovely Latex by Brigitte More - a label that I already admired a long time ago and she designed a beautiful green costume matching my orange hair.

The whole weekend the weather seemed to welcome all the beautiful fetish people: The greenest gras I've ever seen and stunning dawns. The Van der Valk Hotel in Akersloot turned out to be a pretty comfortable place, very close to the location.

Sunrise from hotel room. *love*
First evening was Meet & Greet at the hotel, which was a very nice possibility to meet artists and designers, that were going to perform at the weekend as well as some of the beautiful people that were going to visit the party. I was very happy to meet my friends Zara Axeronias, Miss Silver Infinity and Vanes.se agiain - aaaand at the next day, we got these supercool shirts for backstage work:
Ready for work with Vanes.se.

Ready for Meet&Greet.
 The blue Carmen dress, I was wearing at Meet & Greet was designed by Mad Duck Designs Latex Factory - and honestly it's one of my favourite dresses, I've ever worn! <3

The show itself was a blast. Beautiful Nina de Lianin performed with a song during the show and I hit the runway together with almost all of my favourite models in der world:

After the show was over, we were ready for the party - and believe me, if you haven't been there yet, you definitely should book your ticket for the next one in March! The party was pretty much dancing and having fun with those lovely people. :) The incredibly elegant dress, that I was wearing, was by Eudoxia's Latex. And last but not least a party pic of Zara and me by Mew-Chiel: