Thursday, February 14, 2013

2nd Fashion Show for V-Couture

Hey guys,

long time no see. :D My time abroad is coming to an end and I had more university work to do than time for model stuff. But lately I had the chance to walk for V-Couture a second time during the fashion show at SLT 2013. It was an awesome event. Not only because of our fashion show, but also for the chance to see the shows of Oliver Viehweg and Amatoris Latex Couture with their incredible unique creations, not to mention that the music at the party afterwards was great. I met a lot of well known faces from the alternative fashion and model world such as Missy Queen, Dae Joon, Heidis Graetchen (with the longest natural hair I've ever seen o.0), Maresa Ronja (sweetest thing ever met on a collaboration) and Resi O. Such as many faces known from the Fashion Show at NCN 2012. (Sorry for everybody that I forgot. It was a pleasure to meet you, too and I still try to remember all the names. :D)

Luckily we had a lot of photographers there, such as Lux Profundi and Rocksau Pictures.

It was about 10 hours from preparation to final walk to get all of the model groups ready and I think all of us did a great job. I'm still in love with those gorgeous and feminine creations of Verena and want to wear them every day. :D

Thank you to Art2Photo - Photography & Retouching for the following lovely pictures from the show. He also owns the copyright so please do not use them or claim as your own.

All V-Couture girls on stage.

Me on the runway.