Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Review of 2012

Because 2012 was a fantastic year to me, I want to give a short summary of the things, that made my year so special.

First of all I restarted modeling after a break lasting longer than a year. I'm very thankful to Vanes.se for that. No one gave me more encouragement and creativity than her this year. I did not count, but I guess there must have been approximately a dozen shoots - and new stuff for 2013 is already planned. And of course I worked with other stunning photographers, such as Das Yassy, Niklas Liebig, Jane Otte and Gwali. Here comes a summary of some of my most appreciated model works in 2012:

In addition I found my passion in creating latex fashion. I did not have much time for that in 2012 and hope to have much more possibilities to work on that in 2013.

I also decided to work much more on my photography that year and think that I really evolved my techniques apparently.

Personally I totally changed my type with dying my black hair orange and moving to Wrocław/Poland for a certain time. I really love the country and wish, I could stay forever. Maybe I will have the possibility after finishing my studies in Germany.

Magnolia Park/Wrocław (C) Naironize

Connected to modeling, I experienced a lot of beautiful things for the first time in 2012. Such as my first walk for the fashion show of one of my most adored corset designers named V-Couture and my first appearance in a calendar for 2013. All of these opportunities connected to appearances in local newspapers. Additionaly these gave me the possibility to meet fantastic persons from all over Germany. I really look forward too meet them again.

And last but not least, I feel absolutely honoured about receiving my very first Daily Deviation on deviantART shot by Newpic Photography:

(C) Newpic Photography

I hope all of you had a good start into 2013 last night and that I will move on with lots of creativity this year!