Monday, September 23, 2013

Lost Place Shooting - Laudanum Photography

The time is running so fast! I didn't post for a long time and apologize for that. I have been busy with writing my Master thesis and am finally done with it. So hopefully there will be more time for shootings in the future. I'm going to update my several galleries during the next week but already wanted to show you the full set of one of the latest fashion editorials I shot with Laudanum Photography.

Additionaly I have some news, that few of you might already know: I'm planning to attend the Dominatrix Party at the Netherlands in November. I hope, that many of you are going to join us. :)

And btw. it's my birthday today, so if anyone secretly left a huuuuuuge cake at my door, I won't be angry about it. :)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

[Making Of] Shooting: V-Couture

Lately I had the pleasure to collaborate with a lot of awesome people for a small project. Verena from V-Couture sent me two of her newest creations and Miss Mint joined us with her adorable make up and hair creations. shot the session and many thanks to Master Joe for assisting.

While I'm waiting for the results, I wanted to show you a few of our behind the scene shots. Enjoy. =D

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fetish Evolution in Essen 2013

Long time no see. I'm sorry, that I did not tell any news the last months. So I'll try to extend this blog entry a little bit to indemnify you guys for that long phase of silence. ;)

During Easter weekend I have been to Essen in the west of Germany and attended one of Europe's biggest fetish events: the Fetish Evolution which had its 10th anniversary this year. I must admit that this was my very first fetish event in general. Therefrom it was a totally exciting adventure to me to meet all these beautiful and interesting people and to indulge my love for latex clothing for a few days. I found a lot of new friends during this event and I got to see a lot of impressive new stuff which infected me with a lot of inspiration for my upcoming projects.

I had the pleasure to walk for the fashion show of the US label Vengeance Designs whose chef designer Lydia came all the way from NYC to show her designs in Europe. She's one of the characters that instantly win you over with her friendly, creative and punchy personality. :-* I really hope that I get to meet her and the girls again in the near future.

Our fashion show seemed to be a blast! Until today people still message me and tell, that they have been thrilled by our show. And honestly: I've never worn latex that suited me so well. In 30 seconds I was able to slip into her clothes and they fitted like they were made for me. (Needless to say that I really WANT to own some of them!) The collection was divided into two parts: first group, which I belonged to, was "Dead Souls" collection which consisted of very elegant and dark gothic designs; second group was the world premiere of her brand new military collection which really rocked the runway.

Well, enough words. Now enjoy some pictures from the show. Thank you for the photos goes to Carina Meyer-Broicher, Cat Mason, Flo Butcher and Ludershooter. Both of the outfits are from Vengeance Designs. Also thanks to my co-models Dae Joon for the make up and Zara Axeronias for doing my hair - I love you girls. :-* If interested you can also watch a TV-report on RTL West (German).

Co-models and designer in awesome mirror bathroom before the show. :D

Glad that I got this Vengeance gown for the ball. *love*

And finally totally random information: The music Lydia chose for the show totally was my taste of music. So thank you honey for making "Zombies ate my neighbors" one of my new favourite songs!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

2nd Fashion Show for V-Couture

Hey guys,

long time no see. :D My time abroad is coming to an end and I had more university work to do than time for model stuff. But lately I had the chance to walk for V-Couture a second time during the fashion show at SLT 2013. It was an awesome event. Not only because of our fashion show, but also for the chance to see the shows of Oliver Viehweg and Amatoris Latex Couture with their incredible unique creations, not to mention that the music at the party afterwards was great. I met a lot of well known faces from the alternative fashion and model world such as Missy Queen, Dae Joon, Heidis Graetchen (with the longest natural hair I've ever seen o.0), Maresa Ronja (sweetest thing ever met on a collaboration) and Resi O. Such as many faces known from the Fashion Show at NCN 2012. (Sorry for everybody that I forgot. It was a pleasure to meet you, too and I still try to remember all the names. :D)

Luckily we had a lot of photographers there, such as Lux Profundi and Rocksau Pictures.

It was about 10 hours from preparation to final walk to get all of the model groups ready and I think all of us did a great job. I'm still in love with those gorgeous and feminine creations of Verena and want to wear them every day. :D

Thank you to Art2Photo - Photography & Retouching for the following lovely pictures from the show. He also owns the copyright so please do not use them or claim as your own.

All V-Couture girls on stage.

Me on the runway.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Review of 2012

Because 2012 was a fantastic year to me, I want to give a short summary of the things, that made my year so special.

First of all I restarted modeling after a break lasting longer than a year. I'm very thankful to for that. No one gave me more encouragement and creativity than her this year. I did not count, but I guess there must have been approximately a dozen shoots - and new stuff for 2013 is already planned. And of course I worked with other stunning photographers, such as Das Yassy, Niklas Liebig, Jane Otte and Gwali. Here comes a summary of some of my most appreciated model works in 2012:

In addition I found my passion in creating latex fashion. I did not have much time for that in 2012 and hope to have much more possibilities to work on that in 2013.

I also decided to work much more on my photography that year and think that I really evolved my techniques apparently.

Personally I totally changed my type with dying my black hair orange and moving to Wrocław/Poland for a certain time. I really love the country and wish, I could stay forever. Maybe I will have the possibility after finishing my studies in Germany.

Magnolia Park/Wrocław (C) Naironize

Connected to modeling, I experienced a lot of beautiful things for the first time in 2012. Such as my first walk for the fashion show of one of my most adored corset designers named V-Couture and my first appearance in a calendar for 2013. All of these opportunities connected to appearances in local newspapers. Additionaly these gave me the possibility to meet fantastic persons from all over Germany. I really look forward too meet them again.

And last but not least, I feel absolutely honoured about receiving my very first Daily Deviation on deviantART shot by Newpic Photography:

(C) Newpic Photography

I hope all of you had a good start into 2013 last night and that I will move on with lots of creativity this year!