Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Lately you could see the following status post on my official facebook profile:
"So this is what you get for not being money-grubbing: I got a letter from a lawyer saying approximately "as you are presenting yourself as a model at the internet, you must have a bigger income that you didn't show off to the state" - totally ignoring the part in every of my profiles saying that I work for FREE! So, if someone didn't get it yet: I WORK FOR FREE! It's a hobby to me, it's art to me, it's fun to me and I enjoy every second of doing it for FREE!"
 It seems that I need to clarify some points for the people that do not read every detail of my internet profiles.

What does "Hobby Photo Model mean"?

Hobby Photo Model means that I am doing modeling mainly for fun whenever my university and working schedule allows me to put time into a creative project. It also means that for me modeling is not to pay the rent.

What does "I do not offer commercial services" mean?

That primarily means, that I do not expect to be paid for my modeling services. It also means that I cannot work on projects whose costs exceed my personal capital. It also means that some projects do take a lot of time to prepare, because I always need to attune them to my personal needs.

What does "TfP" mean?

TfP (Time for Prints) means that I accept the results of a shooting as a payment (not including commercial rights). To say it shortly: I prepare myself, meet with a photographer, do some pictures, edit them, get the results (printed or digital) and have them for my personal pleasure and to show off to other people around the world, but not to sell.

Does all that "Working For Free Talking" mean that you are available for everyone?

It doesnt't. Since I don't earn money from that, I just can select a few projects from the offers that reach me. If I have to decide between several offers I'm always geared to quality, originality, photographer's character, costs and creativity of a project.

And what about your work as a photographer, editor and crafter?

These categories of work are also attached to my hobbies. I pay them from the money, that I save for my personal needs - if I have some. I do not offer these services for paying costumers.

Why don't you offer commercial services and do all these things without a fee?

I was always told "Never do anything that you are good at for free!". But I personally don't have any interest in making money. This printed paper doesn't matter to me in any way - except for paying rent and food. If I am about to earn money, I just want to get as much as I deserve and need for living and not more. I feel totally comfortable without being wealthy and like the feeling to work hard and a long time for every single wish in my mind, that I want to become true.

Are you going to offer commercial services in the future?

In fact I am thinking about to do that in the future. But why? I realized that some projects that I'd really like to do have to be paid, because they are only offered by commercial partners. If I have the possibility to do that in the future, I will offer it on a commercial base. And (according to the quote at the beginning) of course I will show off this income to the state.

What is your natural haircolour and which hair products do you use to keep it orange?

My natural hair colour is a very dark brown that mostly seems to be black. Additionally I used to dye it black for about ten years.
I usually dye my hair on my own. It took me about six months of patience to lighten my hair softly step by step. Once up to two times a month I bleach the roots with 1.9% concentrated bleacher. After that I wash my hair with silver shampoo to avoid yellow spots. Then I use "Apricot" from La Riche Directions and leave it in my hair as long as possible (up to six hours, just make sure that it doesn't become dry). Next step is to use a redish shampoo coloration to give your colour the final touch. I usually use "Rudy" from Delia Cosmetics (Polish), which gives my hair the perfect tone and also helps to avoid green spots, that develope, if you used to dye your hair black before. I also use it to refresh my hair colour every two weeks.
This process takes a lot of time. If I am in a hurry or cannot get my colour products (which really seems to be a problem with the La Riche colour, where I live), I use some common coloration from the grocery market with colour named "Copper". But actually I try to avoid them because they are full of ammoniac and high doses of hydrogen peroxides, that are extremly cruel to skin and hair.

If you have any further questions about me and my work, feel free to ask and I will add the answers to this FAQ!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Shooting with Niklas Liebig + Halloween

This month I went to Görlitz to shoot with the talented Niklas Liebig at Freisebad, which is a stunning location, because it's extremely good preserved! Although the weather still was very mild at this time, it  was incredibly cold inside the building. Anyway we had lots of fun and when I saw the corset pictures of me, I thought that I should wear corsets more often, because it really makes the classy shape that I love. As always I collected some outtakes for you. You can check out the full collection of pictures in Niklas' gallery and I will also upload them to my tumblr.

And one of the results for you:

And this year I was celebrating the Halloween event for the first time. I had so much fun on the streets! I think, I'm going to repeat that next year. Here is a quick snapshot of my halloween make up for you: