Friday, September 7, 2012

Finished: Golden Latex Bikini

Aaaaand another one! So here is the second latex project I promised to you guys. I'm a little bit sad that I got this idea at the end of summer. I had a very wonderful old golden coloured latex sheeting for another project and had the spontaneous idea to make a bikini out of it. But because summer is over now, I'm going to wear it for bathing next year.

I wanted it to be a bit special. So I decided to do a folded pattern at the top that came out very pretty, I think. :D For the bottom I did a kind of shorts. Unfortunately I took the measurements from my usual underwear and didn't think of the different material properties. So the bikini slip is a bit too tight - especially on the backside, cause my butt is kind of fluffy. :D I think I'm going to do a new one for next year's summer. But Yassy and me shot it anyway at the same location where we shot the bronce coloured outfit. As I told you in my latest post, we were unsatisfied with the location. But I like the results anyway and I hope you will do so as well. ;)

First here are close ups for you guys to see the details. Thanks to Yassy for all the pictures!

And now a selection of shooting pictures for you picture hungry people - enjoy! ;)

My personal favourite!

Sunbathing in black and white.

Sunbathing in colourrrrr!

Pleeeeeease let me know, what you think of the new design! ^^

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