Friday, September 7, 2012

Finished: Golden Latex Bikini

Aaaaand another one! So here is the second latex project I promised to you guys. I'm a little bit sad that I got this idea at the end of summer. I had a very wonderful old golden coloured latex sheeting for another project and had the spontaneous idea to make a bikini out of it. But because summer is over now, I'm going to wear it for bathing next year.

I wanted it to be a bit special. So I decided to do a folded pattern at the top that came out very pretty, I think. :D For the bottom I did a kind of shorts. Unfortunately I took the measurements from my usual underwear and didn't think of the different material properties. So the bikini slip is a bit too tight - especially on the backside, cause my butt is kind of fluffy. :D I think I'm going to do a new one for next year's summer. But Yassy and me shot it anyway at the same location where we shot the bronce coloured outfit. As I told you in my latest post, we were unsatisfied with the location. But I like the results anyway and I hope you will do so as well. ;)

First here are close ups for you guys to see the details. Thanks to Yassy for all the pictures!

And now a selection of shooting pictures for you picture hungry people - enjoy! ;)

My personal favourite!

Sunbathing in black and white.

Sunbathing in colourrrrr!

Pleeeeeease let me know, what you think of the new design! ^^

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Finished: Bronce/Brown Latex Skirt + Top + Mitts

Hey guys,

finally there are the promised shots of the bronce coloured latex outfit.
As I already mentioned, there were some issues, that I could not repair afterwards, as making latex clothing is an one time do it right try. Of course you won't see the issues, because they are at the backside of the skirt, so that I easily could hide it while shooting. But they make it impossible to wear the skirt in public.

Yassy made some close ups for you as well, so that you can see the work in detail. I am annoyed about the fact that I didn't watch the brown lines from skirt and top to match each other. You will see that in the close up and I will have an eye on it for the next time. Anyway I am totally satisfied with how cute the mitts came out and love the idea I had for the ruffles at the top. :D


Actually there are just few shooting pictures from Yassy, because we both were unsatisfied with the location. Originally we had a really cool location booked for the shoot that would have been great in combination with the dress, but because of unhappy coincidents we had to emigrate to an empty parking house in the city. But fortunately I can fill that lack of pictures with some other beautiful shots done by Gwali. Thank you for that.

(And don't worry about the haircolour in the first picture. That was an interim colour during lightening my hair.)

(C) Gwali-Graphie

(C) Gwali-Graphie