Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to become loose

This might be one of my greatest making of collections ever! :D On my latest shoot with we had SO much fun. We were shooting the dress I caught at Naucler Design's Summer Sample Sale that I mentioned lately. I brought my own assistant for keeping me shiny and carrying the bags and he really was a great help - thank you so much for that.

I know the pictures look like I wasn't able to concentrate on work. Actually I was, but I always find it helpful to joke around a bit. For example if you enter a new location to shoot and think of how you could pose including your surroundings, it inspires to get in touch with things. It also helps to become loose if you just make fun of yourself.

In the end we had a bunch of gorgeous pics and the collection of outtakes shown below. Enjoy and take a look at the results in my online galleries.

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