Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to become loose

This might be one of my greatest making of collections ever! :D On my latest shoot with we had SO much fun. We were shooting the dress I caught at Naucler Design's Summer Sample Sale that I mentioned lately. I brought my own assistant for keeping me shiny and carrying the bags and he really was a great help - thank you so much for that.

I know the pictures look like I wasn't able to concentrate on work. Actually I was, but I always find it helpful to joke around a bit. For example if you enter a new location to shoot and think of how you could pose including your surroundings, it inspires to get in touch with things. It also helps to become loose if you just make fun of yourself.

In the end we had a bunch of gorgeous pics and the collection of outtakes shown below. Enjoy and take a look at the results in my online galleries.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Final Earth Queen Latex Outfit

I know I didn't post for a while, but I am really busy with writing seminar thesises at the moment. But today I have time to post a short summary about the first complete Latex outfit.

I did the skirt again in a new design, because I bought the new latex sheets in a German shop that gets its material from Great Britain instead of US and got a better quality and little different colour. I decided to do ruffles instead of pleats, because I find them more elegant and it doesn't take that much time to do them.

I also found a solution for the hardening problem with latex milk, but decided to do everything with cement rubber as long as I use small parts of 0.3 mm thick latex sheets. The new bronce latex is 0.35 mm and is much easier to handle than the type I used before.

After a little practicing work goes much faster now. Though there are still some little issues I didn't yet find a solution for: I did some kind of darts in the boob and butt area. It was easy to glue, but somehow the start points of the darts became some kind of fake nipples. :D So if you have a hint for me how to avoid them, just leave me a comment please. Next point is that I didn't concentrate on getting the brown line at the sides exactly matching each other where top and skirt meet. Next time I will have an eye on it.

The complete outfit will be shot in August.  I'm so looking forward to it. ^^

I caught some details for you. ^^