Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Naucler Design Summer Sample Sale

Swedens largest latex designer is heaving its summer sample sale right now. Most of the items are reduced to about 50%. These are items that have been worn for product shoots or similar but are still free from major faults. So this is the perfect opportunity to obtain high latex fashion for low prices. Don't miss this special offer.

[By the way: if anyone wants to give a present to me - I SO want the #8 Gothic Latex Dress Starfucked is wearing on the pictures! ;)]

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The most important thing about shootings for me is to have fun while doing them. That's why I always love the outtakes I get to see afterwards. :D It's always funny to see the behind the scenes fun and giggeling around. I share my favourite shots from this year with you, all taken during shootings with my beloved friend and photographer I hope you have fun while having a look at them, too. ;)

Costume fitting. ^^

A costume rocks!

Kinda "do your most scary look". ^^

Styling change after the shower shoot.

Yes, I know how to handle a man like Alltagsgift!

Freezing, liquid latex and shoes.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I Licked Blood And It Tastes Good

Do you know that moment, when you try something and get to like it, that you want to repeat it again and again and hope to get to a point where you are able to create something beautiful with it? After (as I mentioned in my latest post) showed some new things to me about acting behind the camera, I could not wait to give it a second try. Luckily my beautiful friend JJ was so lovely to model for me and act with patience for me as an amateur photographer. And I think, there are few really fine results among the pictures. Have a look yourself at my photography gallery on dA. As I am not experienced with photographing, I would appreciate to get serious critics from you guys (whether it is here or on dA).

Through a lens

Lately I had the luck, that one of my photographers - the fabolous - allowed me to switch positions with her. That means, this day SHE was the model and I was the photographer. :D I own a digital reflex cam for some years now. But usually I just take still life pictures and photos of details and structures or landscapes. So I didn't really know, what to do with a living object in front of my lense. I was very happy to get some helpful advices from her and learned that the most important thing with that is: practice, practice, practice! (Almost like with the modeling thing.) And the results are everything from bad up to good. But most important: We had lots of fun! See a preview of the results below. A selection of the final pictures appears in my dA gallery at the photography section.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bronce Latex Skirt

I know you have been waiting for the progress in experimenting with the latex sheets. Actually there were two pieces that were almost finished. The first one were some capri trousers. But I didn't like them at all. They didn't fit anywhere. Another problem was, that the latex milk I used for the golden stripes immediately hardened the brushes so that I applied the glue more scratching than daubing. And this is a thing you see in the latex structure afterwards. So as long, as I don't figure out how to apply latex milk without hardening the brush - no more latex sheets thinner than 0.6 mm. Seems measuring and doing patterns is not my strongest ability for so far. And so I decided not to finish them but throw them away as they were.

As you can see, there are folds everywhere and so on.

After that I really stopped for a while doing anything with the latex as I was discouraged for that reason and others.

But yesterday I decided at least to finish a project that was begun a longer time ago. This one is a latex skirt I was going to do for a shoot in bronce and brown. I made big mistakes with the pattern as well. That's why I had to cut of some pieces at the hips and glue it together really horribly. But fortunately this might be a thing you don't see that much on photographies. Another thing was - as I already mentioned - that I wasn't able to fully remove the glue remains at the parts with the brown pattern, during gluing it several times. So if you look really close, you can see that there are small bumps everywhere. But what I'm really happy about, is that it fits as well as I imagined it, except for the little outstanding corners at the waistband. See my first try in latex in the photos below. (By the way I'm sorry for the really bad quality, but I had no nerve for arguing around with the light this morning.)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Nairon goes Tumblr

(C) - see this and more at my tumblr.

As I don't show my shooting pictures here and needed a place to collect most of my pictures - including some I usually don't show in my selections - I started a tumblr. Most of my shooting pictures can be seen at facebook. But unfortunately facebook did make my page invisible for external visitors. So at tumblr I will post summarized shooting pictures without any comment, viewable for everybody. Some pictures of the alu foil costume will show up there as well. If you like to, just have a look and follow me there, too: