Thursday, May 24, 2012

WGT 2012

Hey guys,

here's another WGT blog entry as there are so many at the time. I just wanted to say, that I'm really excited to go to Leipzig, because my last WGT visit was about two years ago and I really missed meeting all my friends.

So right now I'm still packing my bags and yet there is a problem: Since I lost some weight last year, I gave away almost all of my clothes. And the result is, that there aren't any cool black clothes in my wardrobe. :D So this years WGT will be very colourful for me. But as I love strong colours, because you can make amazing make ups matching to them, I will be fine with it.

So here are just two fast snapshots for you, before I will leave. The top I painted by myself after getting the idea from Yassy's blog entry some weeks ago. (Read it here and yes, I absolutely LOVE London!) Make Up is with as much blue as I could put on and red and white of course. ;)

So I wish a nice WGT to all of you, too. ;)

Luckily I had leather trousers. ^^
Funny: You can see the mess I am producing while packing in my glasses.


  1. Uuhhhh...das sieht echt toll aus! Meine Shirts sind morgen endlich dran...*muahaha*
    Welche Farbe hast Du benutzt? Hast Du die noch verdünnt?

    Liebste Grüße und ganz viel Spaß in LE! :-)

  2. Ich hab die von Javana genommen. Verdünnt hab ich sie nicht, weil ich sie kräftig haben wollte. Dadürch ließ sie sich aber ganz schwer auftragen weil sehr zähflüssig.