Thursday, May 24, 2012

WGT 2012

Hey guys,

here's another WGT blog entry as there are so many at the time. I just wanted to say, that I'm really excited to go to Leipzig, because my last WGT visit was about two years ago and I really missed meeting all my friends.

So right now I'm still packing my bags and yet there is a problem: Since I lost some weight last year, I gave away almost all of my clothes. And the result is, that there aren't any cool black clothes in my wardrobe. :D So this years WGT will be very colourful for me. But as I love strong colours, because you can make amazing make ups matching to them, I will be fine with it.

So here are just two fast snapshots for you, before I will leave. The top I painted by myself after getting the idea from Yassy's blog entry some weeks ago. (Read it here and yes, I absolutely LOVE London!) Make Up is with as much blue as I could put on and red and white of course. ;)

So I wish a nice WGT to all of you, too. ;)

Luckily I had leather trousers. ^^
Funny: You can see the mess I am producing while packing in my glasses.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I LOVE Clockwork Couture

Usually there's no need to talk about my shopping trips at the internet. But this time I simply have to! I've waited for weeks to get my Clockwork Couture shipment. And it was worth every single day of waiting. Today in the morning my post man wakened me bringing the package. I've never seen an order packed with so much love by the lovely Josefine!

I'm sorry for the crappy phone cam quality, but I didn't have my camera with me.

I had to try the pieces on instantly. And actually every single peace fits like it was made especially for me. I don't ever want to wear anything else again.

 Right now I'm really sad, that it's much to warm to wear that shirt. :-(

 Actually I searched for months to get a golden harness and couldn't find any nice in Germany. :D

The shirt I'm wearing here is not a Clockwork Couture.

So this is my "every day steampunk" outfit. Love it love it love it!