Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Very First Try in Latex

I recently started out with the latex thing. During my very first try I figured out, that this material is easy and hard to do at the same time.

I started with the very easiest thing: Doing pleats. That's the right thing for getting a feeling for how the material behaves. The bronce coloured latex is 0.6 mm thick. Most important is to do sketches before and measure EVERYthing before. I tried it once without measuring and the pleats all looked different and sticky.

The brown latex is 0.35 mm thick. But I forgot to buy glue for thinner Latex. So I had to glue it again and again and finally bought some latex milk. But as I forgot to clean the stripe from the former rests of glue, it's all rough and uneven. I think I will have to glue it again. I learned that it's very important not to put too much glue on it and just to adapt it to places you really want it on, because you will always see the glue on the latex and it will always be sticky afterwards. Luckily you can clean it from wrong adapted glue after it is dried. Just take a sharp knife or something and carefully scratch it off. But actually the cleaning process lasts hours, so it's better to do it right the first time.

Also don't forget: Cleaning before means everything. The glue won't work responsibly, if you didn't clean it roundly. See some details - especially of the pleats - in the following pictures.

Thinner latex is good for doing trims, because you can do lots of detailed stuff with it.

The pleats should all fit to each other with their measurments.

I think doing pleats is one of the most beautiful ways to finish latex clothing.

Please let me know, what you think of it, as it is my very first try.

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  1. Das sieht trotzdem schon mal gut aus.^^ Ich bin gespannt. :-)