Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Alu Foil Costume

As I'm trying to be more creative in the future, I started a blog to encourage myself and document the projects I'm doing.

My first project this year was a costume made of alu foil. I loved it, because it was a really cheap material to work with, that excuses mistakes. And of course I made some mistakes to learn from.

First of all you have to buy rolls of foil. Maybe it's not necessary to tell, but you can get them in every grocery store or supermaket. Because I wanted to make a whole dress and accessoires from it and calculated to make mistakes, I bought lots of it - three rolls. That was my first mistake: I didn't even need the half of one. :D

Second thing you need is some glue. I used just anyone that was in my desk from earlier projects. And there was the second mistake: Don't use glue on water base because it takes eons to dry. Many hours in that you mustn't touch and can't go on. Also don't use glue pens - they don't glue enough. And don't be stingy with the glue. The more you use at the right spots the easier it will be to wear later.

I did a simple scetch and decided to do the following parts: a collar, two bracelets with roses attached to them, a fishtail that will be linked with wrapped foil lains at the end, a ribbon that will be attached to the dress and a rose-shaped fascinator for the hair.

After finishing the pieces it's hard to imagine the result, because the "body part" will yet be done when wearing it. So at the moment the costume is lying around in pieces. If you design something like this, don't forget that it takes a lot of space, because you can't fold the pieces and store it in your wardrobe.

The costume will be shot at the end of the month. I hope to show you some result, so that you can imagine it much better. Meanwhile there is a shot of the single parts for you.

Alu Foil Costume in progress
fishtail, collar, bracelets, ribbon and fascinator

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