Saturday, December 29, 2012

[Photo] .Golden Image.

Let me introduce you to .Golden Image.. She was kind of my first "real" model yesterday. "Real" in so far, that I did not beg her on my knees for letting me shoot her, but she came and asked ME to make photos. *whohooo* :D

Below you see the summary of results that will be uploaded to my galleries on dA and facebook. I started a second facebook page titled "Naironize" to separate the non modeling stuff from modeling stuff. You can see my current latex projects, as well as my photographies and manipulations there. The best pictures from below will be uploaded there. I welcome you on my new page and am happy for every single "like". ;)

And by the way, the following one is my personal favourite from the shoot. *love*

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Lately you could see the following status post on my official facebook profile:
"So this is what you get for not being money-grubbing: I got a letter from a lawyer saying approximately "as you are presenting yourself as a model at the internet, you must have a bigger income that you didn't show off to the state" - totally ignoring the part in every of my profiles saying that I work for FREE! So, if someone didn't get it yet: I WORK FOR FREE! It's a hobby to me, it's art to me, it's fun to me and I enjoy every second of doing it for FREE!"
 It seems that I need to clarify some points for the people that do not read every detail of my internet profiles.

What does "Hobby Photo Model mean"?

Hobby Photo Model means that I am doing modeling mainly for fun whenever my university and working schedule allows me to put time into a creative project. It also means that for me modeling is not to pay the rent.

What does "I do not offer commercial services" mean?

That primarily means, that I do not expect to be paid for my modeling services. It also means that I cannot work on projects whose costs exceed my personal capital. It also means that some projects do take a lot of time to prepare, because I always need to attune them to my personal needs.

What does "TfP" mean?

TfP (Time for Prints) means that I accept the results of a shooting as a payment (not including commercial rights). To say it shortly: I prepare myself, meet with a photographer, do some pictures, edit them, get the results (printed or digital) and have them for my personal pleasure and to show off to other people around the world, but not to sell.

Does all that "Working For Free Talking" mean that you are available for everyone?

It doesnt't. Since I don't earn money from that, I just can select a few projects from the offers that reach me. If I have to decide between several offers I'm always geared to quality, originality, photographer's character, costs and creativity of a project.

And what about your work as a photographer, editor and crafter?

These categories of work are also attached to my hobbies. I pay them from the money, that I save for my personal needs - if I have some. I do not offer these services for paying costumers.

Why don't you offer commercial services and do all these things without a fee?

I was always told "Never do anything that you are good at for free!". But I personally don't have any interest in making money. This printed paper doesn't matter to me in any way - except for paying rent and food. If I am about to earn money, I just want to get as much as I deserve and need for living and not more. I feel totally comfortable without being wealthy and like the feeling to work hard and a long time for every single wish in my mind, that I want to become true.

Are you going to offer commercial services in the future?

In fact I am thinking about to do that in the future. But why? I realized that some projects that I'd really like to do have to be paid, because they are only offered by commercial partners. If I have the possibility to do that in the future, I will offer it on a commercial base. And (according to the quote at the beginning) of course I will show off this income to the state.

What is your natural haircolour and which hair products do you use to keep it orange?

My natural hair colour is a very dark brown that mostly seems to be black. Additionally I used to dye it black for about ten years.
I usually dye my hair on my own. It took me about six months of patience to lighten my hair softly step by step. Once up to two times a month I bleach the roots with 1.9% concentrated bleacher. After that I wash my hair with silver shampoo to avoid yellow spots. Then I use "Apricot" from La Riche Directions and leave it in my hair as long as possible (up to six hours, just make sure that it doesn't become dry). Next step is to use a redish shampoo coloration to give your colour the final touch. I usually use "Rudy" from Delia Cosmetics (Polish), which gives my hair the perfect tone and also helps to avoid green spots, that develope, if you used to dye your hair black before. I also use it to refresh my hair colour every two weeks.
This process takes a lot of time. If I am in a hurry or cannot get my colour products (which really seems to be a problem with the La Riche colour, where I live), I use some common coloration from the grocery market with colour named "Copper". But actually I try to avoid them because they are full of ammoniac and high doses of hydrogen peroxides, that are extremly cruel to skin and hair.

If you have any further questions about me and my work, feel free to ask and I will add the answers to this FAQ!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Shooting with Niklas Liebig + Halloween

This month I went to Görlitz to shoot with the talented Niklas Liebig at Freisebad, which is a stunning location, because it's extremely good preserved! Although the weather still was very mild at this time, it  was incredibly cold inside the building. Anyway we had lots of fun and when I saw the corset pictures of me, I thought that I should wear corsets more often, because it really makes the classy shape that I love. As always I collected some outtakes for you. You can check out the full collection of pictures in Niklas' gallery and I will also upload them to my tumblr.

And one of the results for you:

And this year I was celebrating the Halloween event for the first time. I had so much fun on the streets! I think, I'm going to repeat that next year. Here is a quick snapshot of my halloween make up for you:

Monday, October 29, 2012

NCN 2012

Hey guys,

I know, I'm late with it, but I wanted to give you a short report about my job at NCN 2012. This was a very important event for me, because I was at the catwalk for my very first fashion show. I already admired the label V-Couture with its beautiful corset creations for such a long time. And so I was amazingly happy, when I heard, that I would walk for their show.

First I need to tell you some things about the festival. I must admit, I never heard of that festival before. But when I went there, I really liked it - maybe even more than WGT. It was a very familial atmosphere, the location was dreamlike and comfortable and the bands were great. I also liked the people I met there and right after five minutes I found myself talking to strangers. :D

For the show Verena chose some of her most beautiful creations. I wore an elegant whiff of nothing with detailed and filigree tulle patterns. I'm totally in love with that outfit consisting of neck corsett, overbust corsett and corsett skirt. ^^ Lisa did my hair for me and it turned out pretty cool. I also met a lot of nice models there. Check out their pages at Facebook, such as: Blutengelchen, Schattenelfe, Fräulein Kafka, Miss Silver Infinity, Romy von Farya, Prestige Mieze, JasminNiobe Noir and ( dphart ).

Thank you for the Photos to Prestige and

Lashes are a girls best friend.
One of the sweetes hairstyles. ^^

Ready to rumble!

And action!

And there were two of us in tulle.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I fell in love and moved + Have me for 2013

Hey guys,

I needed to let you know, that I changed my hair colour. After ten years with black hair, I was totally bored by this colour. And during the last year I absolutely fell in love with another hair colour and thougt about lightening my hair. So finally it's done! I went from black to orange and am totally addicted to my new favourite colour. Although I did a lot of bleaching, my hair is still long and healthy. I think I will keep an ombré look with my hair being darker at the tips. I look forward to do many shoots with my new hairstyle during the next year.

Bleaching, bleaching, bleaching...
Half way...


The next thing is, that I moved to Poland for a while. I'm now staying in Wrocław. So if you are a talented photographer in Poland, just let me know. I hope to have some shootings here. I will stay here until February 2013.

(C) Nairon

And the last point, I wanted to mention: I have my very first publication in a sexy calender now being the February girl of Studentenkalender Geist ist geil 2013 that will be available from now on! This will be the last photo set with dark hair. So if you are still in need of a calender for 2013 and like to have me at home, don't forget to place your order! ;)

(C) newpic photography

Friday, September 7, 2012

Finished: Golden Latex Bikini

Aaaaand another one! So here is the second latex project I promised to you guys. I'm a little bit sad that I got this idea at the end of summer. I had a very wonderful old golden coloured latex sheeting for another project and had the spontaneous idea to make a bikini out of it. But because summer is over now, I'm going to wear it for bathing next year.

I wanted it to be a bit special. So I decided to do a folded pattern at the top that came out very pretty, I think. :D For the bottom I did a kind of shorts. Unfortunately I took the measurements from my usual underwear and didn't think of the different material properties. So the bikini slip is a bit too tight - especially on the backside, cause my butt is kind of fluffy. :D I think I'm going to do a new one for next year's summer. But Yassy and me shot it anyway at the same location where we shot the bronce coloured outfit. As I told you in my latest post, we were unsatisfied with the location. But I like the results anyway and I hope you will do so as well. ;)

First here are close ups for you guys to see the details. Thanks to Yassy for all the pictures!

And now a selection of shooting pictures for you picture hungry people - enjoy! ;)

My personal favourite!

Sunbathing in black and white.

Sunbathing in colourrrrr!

Pleeeeeease let me know, what you think of the new design! ^^

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Finished: Bronce/Brown Latex Skirt + Top + Mitts

Hey guys,

finally there are the promised shots of the bronce coloured latex outfit.
As I already mentioned, there were some issues, that I could not repair afterwards, as making latex clothing is an one time do it right try. Of course you won't see the issues, because they are at the backside of the skirt, so that I easily could hide it while shooting. But they make it impossible to wear the skirt in public.

Yassy made some close ups for you as well, so that you can see the work in detail. I am annoyed about the fact that I didn't watch the brown lines from skirt and top to match each other. You will see that in the close up and I will have an eye on it for the next time. Anyway I am totally satisfied with how cute the mitts came out and love the idea I had for the ruffles at the top. :D


Actually there are just few shooting pictures from Yassy, because we both were unsatisfied with the location. Originally we had a really cool location booked for the shoot that would have been great in combination with the dress, but because of unhappy coincidents we had to emigrate to an empty parking house in the city. But fortunately I can fill that lack of pictures with some other beautiful shots done by Gwali. Thank you for that.

(And don't worry about the haircolour in the first picture. That was an interim colour during lightening my hair.)

(C) Gwali-Graphie

(C) Gwali-Graphie

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Roses are Red

Hey guys,

though I was actually having a latex shoot today - somehow it turned out to be a photographers day for me. :D The beautiful Yassy allowed me to use her 85 mm lense and was a rocking model for me! Worst part for me was to get any sharp pictures as the lense focus was manual and you couldn't really see, where it would be sharp before shooting. That was a really tough exercise to me.

Anyway I got some pretty shots that I like and my model seems to be satisfied and happy as well. See the preview of them here and check out my dA gallery for the final results. I would really appreciate to get feedback from you. And don't forget to check out the Making Ofs at Yassy's blog!

Well... after shooting her, we shot a new latex creation of mine. I'm really curious about the results. So stay tuned for the next blog entry!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to become loose

This might be one of my greatest making of collections ever! :D On my latest shoot with we had SO much fun. We were shooting the dress I caught at Naucler Design's Summer Sample Sale that I mentioned lately. I brought my own assistant for keeping me shiny and carrying the bags and he really was a great help - thank you so much for that.

I know the pictures look like I wasn't able to concentrate on work. Actually I was, but I always find it helpful to joke around a bit. For example if you enter a new location to shoot and think of how you could pose including your surroundings, it inspires to get in touch with things. It also helps to become loose if you just make fun of yourself.

In the end we had a bunch of gorgeous pics and the collection of outtakes shown below. Enjoy and take a look at the results in my online galleries.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Final Earth Queen Latex Outfit

I know I didn't post for a while, but I am really busy with writing seminar thesises at the moment. But today I have time to post a short summary about the first complete Latex outfit.

I did the skirt again in a new design, because I bought the new latex sheets in a German shop that gets its material from Great Britain instead of US and got a better quality and little different colour. I decided to do ruffles instead of pleats, because I find them more elegant and it doesn't take that much time to do them.

I also found a solution for the hardening problem with latex milk, but decided to do everything with cement rubber as long as I use small parts of 0.3 mm thick latex sheets. The new bronce latex is 0.35 mm and is much easier to handle than the type I used before.

After a little practicing work goes much faster now. Though there are still some little issues I didn't yet find a solution for: I did some kind of darts in the boob and butt area. It was easy to glue, but somehow the start points of the darts became some kind of fake nipples. :D So if you have a hint for me how to avoid them, just leave me a comment please. Next point is that I didn't concentrate on getting the brown line at the sides exactly matching each other where top and skirt meet. Next time I will have an eye on it.

The complete outfit will be shot in August.  I'm so looking forward to it. ^^

I caught some details for you. ^^

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Naucler Design Summer Sample Sale

Swedens largest latex designer is heaving its summer sample sale right now. Most of the items are reduced to about 50%. These are items that have been worn for product shoots or similar but are still free from major faults. So this is the perfect opportunity to obtain high latex fashion for low prices. Don't miss this special offer.

[By the way: if anyone wants to give a present to me - I SO want the #8 Gothic Latex Dress Starfucked is wearing on the pictures! ;)]

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The most important thing about shootings for me is to have fun while doing them. That's why I always love the outtakes I get to see afterwards. :D It's always funny to see the behind the scenes fun and giggeling around. I share my favourite shots from this year with you, all taken during shootings with my beloved friend and photographer I hope you have fun while having a look at them, too. ;)

Costume fitting. ^^

A costume rocks!

Kinda "do your most scary look". ^^

Styling change after the shower shoot.

Yes, I know how to handle a man like Alltagsgift!

Freezing, liquid latex and shoes.